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When you invest in assets for production facilities there are only two things that matter: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI). It is not so much about the initial price, but the performance and costs over lifetime. Buying cheap may sound like a good idea at first, but reliability, support and optimal performance will prove to be much more important over time.

We understand this, and that is why we focus much more on quality of products and services, and reliability. As we have done this for over 40 years already, we have a proven track record in reliable lighting solutions for professional growers.

Horticultural origins

Horticultural origins

Gavita is the largest specialized manufacturer of horticultural lighting in the world. We hold strong positions in horticulture world-wide. Many of our employees had a successful career in horticulture before they joined us: they are people who know the day to day practice and the challenges the horticultural industry aces today.

We are not just another manufacturing company, but fully embedded in the horticultural industry. When it comes to developing an efficient and reliable fixture, there is more to know than just electronics. This specialized know-how is the basis of our success.

Whether you need a sunlight simulation room for research, an indoor climate room for production or a 100,000+ fixtures greenhouse, we have the expertise, products and production power to realize them.

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Horticultural origins

Professional products

Often copied, but never surpassed, our fixtures are world-class when it comes to performance and reliability. We have an installed base of millions of fixtures. You can rely on Gavita to offer you the best value for money, with the lowest cost of ownership and best return on investment.

When it comes to investing in production assets there is no room for gambling. You need proven solutions that simply do what they are designed for. Our products are designed in-house, and assembled in our own facilities. Having our own light laboratory gives us the advantage of being able to design and test reflector models in-house, to offer the best possible efficiency and quality control of our production. We even do our own due diligence for EMI compliance in-house.

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Horticultural origins

Worldclass service

Our professional services include:

  • project management
  • light calculations
  • on-site light measurements
  • lamp and reflector measurements
  • technical consultancy
  • repair
  • refurbishment
  • implementation support
  • light recipe consultancy
  • OEM design
  • customizations
  • development of bespoke products.

Our support and service department handles first and second-line support, and has direct access to our engineering department for all third-line support. By using a ticketing system we allow our customers to access the complete support file, and work efficiently towards a solution of the issue.

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Horticultural origins


“Enlightening” is our pay-off, and for a good reason.

We want to empower our customers (distributors, resellers and end-users alike) with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their lighting requirements and investments.

We have been doing this from the start, through seminars, training programs, master classes, video, on-site training sessions, e-learning and publications. We contribute to several industry magazines with articles about lighting and lighting technology.

We work closely together with horticultural educational institutes who we help to develop training programs, provide demo equipment and provide master classes.

Gavita has an apprenticeship program and is an officially recognized training company. In the exclusive Club of 100 we work closely together with Wageningen University, funding, initiating and participating in horticultural research.

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