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Gavita Repeater Bus accessories

Gavita offers a range of official Repeater Bus accessories. They offer optimal compatibility and quality for your plug-and-play Repeater Bus fixtures, such as our Gavita Pro 1000e DE 277-347V. Using original Gavita accessories guarantees the optimal reliability of your installation.

The Repeater Bus series connect as a daisy chain system. The Repeater Bus accessories are different from the Master Controller accessories.

Snap-on ferrites gray

Gavita Controller cable

Gavita Controller cable 6P6C

82 ft Art.: (1x)

Gavita Interconnect cables

Snap-on ferrites (gray)

For interconnect cable

Gray: Art.: (8x)


Snap-on ferrites (black)

Snap-on ferrites (black)

For interconnect cable

Black: Art.: (2x)



Gavita cable splitters

Modular jacks

Modular jack 6P6C

Art.: (8x)





3-way splitter 6P6C

Art.: (4x)



Product video's

The Gavita repeater bus solution uses different cabling compared to the standard e-series fixtures. This video explains the difference in cabling.

An instruction video on how to install ferrites on custom repeater bus cables.

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