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Plasma Deal

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Plasma deal

Gavita Pro 270e LEP

Gavita Light Emitting Plasma – The choice of champions

When it comes to lighting plants you need both quantity and quality. To further optimize the quality of your crop we introduced supplemental plasma light. It adds everything to HPS light your plant needs to bring it to the next level, including UVB and UVA. There is no light source like it.

Key advantages:

  • 1 Better morphogenesis (plant shape)

    Because of the full spectrum leaf positioning is much better, which in turn creates a more efficient plant. You get interest on interest, resulting in a much more vigorous growth (shorter veg time).

  • 2 Better rooting

    It all starts at the roots. Plants under plasma light create a much better root system. This promotes nutrient intake, which leads to bigger and better plants.

  • 3 Healthy, resilient plants

    The complete spectrum of light provided by HPS and plasma keeps your plant healthier. This way your leaf stays green and therefore productive until the end. Another unique feature of plasma is the presence of UVA and UVB, which hardens the plant and makes the leafs less perceptive for fungal infections.

  • 4 Stimulation of essential oils, terpenes, flavonoids

    You will not only see a much more vigorous growth and development of thrichomes, you will also smell and taste it! The quality of your crop increases, dry mass increases, but foremost your customers will be able to tell the difference. In a competitive market quality makes you rise above the competition.

  • 5 Fast return on investment

    If you only take into account the increased yield by the extra light, growing a high value crop will pay for the investment in plasma within 1.5 crop cycle. This is without the increase in quality or a lower loss of plants. This is an incredibly short period. Are you interested in calculating your personal return on investment? Contact one of our sales reps and we’ll be happy to make the necessary calculations for you. It might even be shorter...

  • 6 Low infrared, tunable spectrum

    Plasma technology emits very little infrared light. So the overall percentage of infrared load decreases if combined with HPS. In fact, if connected to our controller you’re able to control the spectrum your plants receive by dimming the HPS. This allows for a higher ratio of blue light in the vegetative period.

  • 7 Long life

    Our supplemental LEP has a rated life of 50.000 hours - or eight to ten years of complete flowering cycles.

  • 8 High Density Lighting

    All the light is created by a really small emitter, which has no electrodes. This results in an incredibly dense light, assuring a deep penetration into your crop.

The Plasma deal:

So you want higher quality crops? Then now is the time because we have lowered the MSRP. Check the pricing for your country in this table.

Country New MRSP*
US USD 699

*Excluding VAT

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